The subject of investment services has been raised earlier in TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company, but given that our country at this point of time is in trouble to communicate with other countries, from a political point of view and it also has economic limitations; Therefore, private companies that have the opportunity to invest in important sectors such as petrochemicals, oil, gas, etc., can help our country by strengthening them. That’s why TIV Energy has decided to strengthen the investment department and has made it a key point in its services.

 Also, TIV Energy, as a part of Namad Sanat Pars Industrial Group, with start of the investment department, can take a more effective step towards achieving the goals of the holding group and provide the possibility of developing operational and executive activities.

 TIV Energy activities in the department of Investment and Financial Services:

TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company, in its investment section has designed and planned three services that can be performed in each section as follows:


1. Making Investment

1.1 Investigating investment opportunities:  

in this section, TIV Energy first selects several examples of projects by observing the market of oil, gas and petrochemicals industries and investable projects, and presents them to its experts to study and perform the next steps. These studies in all important areas, including: market observation, technical review, estimating the cost of equipment, the possibility of transferring equipment, selecting the appropriate country to purchase equipment, identifying suppliers of technical knowledge and assessing its feasibility and also selecting the best available market. Profitability, amount of required investment and possibility of financing and participation, etc. are done as well.

1.2 Compare and select plans: 

After reviewing, TIV Energy conducts primary studies to prepare a feasibility study (FS) plan for some selected projects, and based on the results, prepares a business plan. After a comprehensive review of the plans, TIV chooses a plan to invest in.

1.3 Definition of implementation and financing method:

At this stage, according to the approved business plan, the Investment department will create a suitable structure for the implementation of the plan. (such as establishing a company, consortium, letter of partnership, or developing an organizational structure, executive and organizational chart of the project, matrix coordination to use capacities of the organization or hiring the necessary human resources if needed.

1.4 Performance (Implementation)

Now the selected plan will be implemented by suitable structure, which will be implemented and managed under the matrix management of the investment department.

1.5 Operation

At the end of the implementation period, the matrix operation management of the investment will be done by the department and will continue while the project is in operation or a new agreement (sale, assignment, partnership or etc.) is established.

1.6 Assignment Management
The management of the assign, sale and withdrawal of investments will be done by the Investment Department.

2. Providing Investment Services

 2.1 Investment Consultation

Having efficient consultants in companies is always promising for future successes. Given that TIV Energy is constantly studying and researching the market and industry of oil, gas and petrochemicals to identify investment opportunities, so to be a high-ranking consultant accompanying the investors, in form of consultation or partnership, to provide the necessary information about the projects, relying on financial strength, executive power, available bank credits, capacity of shareholders, etc.  to answer their important questions such as:

What is the appropriate investment plan, in respect of the required amount of investment?

What is the income, cost and profitability of the project?

How long will it take for the projects to be implemented?

What is the payback period, internal rate of return and other financial ratios of the plan and related subjects? What are the necessary certifications to implement the plans?
How the product market works?

Will the product resulting from the implementation of this project be sold exclusively?

Should sales be made in wholesale or retail? Is it export or local sales?

Depending on the type of project, will the income of the project be in the form of hard currency or local and how will it be earned?

2.2 Providing services to investors

Today, TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company is known as one of the most influential companies in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and other areas of its activity, which in addition to consulting, also includes investment services from primary studies to implementation and management.
This section includes providing services to investors regarding all stages of investment, including reviewing the plan and preparing the relevant documents, obtaining the necessary licenses, credit management and financing, implementation and operation management, and etc. This is done by relying on experiences, extensive relations and credit networks (local & International), and also adequate mastery of TIV Energy over the steps and formalities of the work.

3. Providing credits and financial instruments to the employers:

Probably one of the most attractive and important actions of TIV Energy is to provide credits and financial tools to the employers to advance their projects. therefore, according to its banking relations and credits, concluded  banking agreements, extensive international network and active business partners in the fields of engineering, design, supply of equipment, etc. provide services for its employers to facilitate the implementation and realization of projects. However, these actions do not mean direct partnership and investment. rather, these measures, such as helping to obtain financial / banking facilities, providing liquidity and cash needed, providing initial financial resources in the form of borrowing, settling work in exchange of the final product, etc. are solely aimed at helping to accelerate work progress and implementation plans which is done by TIV Energy.

In this regard, TIV Energy expects to be able to gain more market share by providing the above facilities to its employers and to implement projects faster with less formalities.

As stated, TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company seeks to provide investment services and assistance for the national economic situation and to the employers whose potentials are being wasted due to obstacles that can be overcome by TIV Energy. Sometimes national assets are experts who can manage well; but sometimes they have no opportunity at the right time.

TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company as a member of Namad San’at Pars (NSP) industrial group, is a leading contracting company in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, utility (water, electricity, steam and catalyst), power plant, industrial, mining and chemical industries which implemented many design and construction projects since 1997.