What is A Cryogenic tank?

Cryogenic tanks are used to store liquefied gases such as oxygen and nitrogen under pressure at very low temperature. These tanks have two containers one of which is located inside the other. The space between two containers is insulated thermally. In general, there are three types of cryogenic tanks (single containment, double containment, and full containment). Also according to the type of base slab, They are divided into two types, on ground type and elevated type.

For the on ground type, good soil conditions and concrete slabs are required and its initial implementation cost is lower. In contrast, the elevated type is used in conditions where the soil condition is unsuitable and a number of pillars are needed to implement it. Although the initial investment is larger, it is less expensive to maintain.

Cryogenic tanks are designed to completely contain the internal vapor and liquid under normal operating conditions and can be filled or emptied at a certain rate. Boil-off is controlled in these tanks and can be relieved to flare or vent in exceptional cases. Also, the operating range of the pressure is specified and air and moisture are prevented from entering, except in exceptional cases where relief valves should be used.