Construction and development of Mokran Co. utility center

Construction and development of Mokran Co. utility center

Notification of Mokran Co. project


Client: Makran Water Force Company

Project start time: 1/10/1400


Other useful information related to the project:

Makran Petrochemical Town in Chabahar Free Trade Zone was established as the third national petrochemical hub under the supervision of Negin Mokran Petrochemical Company as the holding and main trustee (main employer). Based on a detailed study, 1200 hectares of land in Chabahar Free Trade Zone with dimensions of 2.7 km by 4.4 km is dedicated to petrochemical units. The feed of the petrochemical complex and the facility center is supplied through the IGAT7 gas transmission line. Also, other services required by process units are designed to be distributed and transferred independently from the Utility Center to the units under construction. In this regard, Mokran Water Force Company is responsible for the development of utility units and ancillary facilities of this complex.

In addition to constructing and developing the Utility Center, Mokran Company is responsible for transferring all available utility services to the border of all units under construction within the petrochemical town and wastewater treatment center.

Therefore, Tiv Energy Engineering and Construction Company is committed to complete the above in a period of 18 months.