Procurement Services

Tiv Energy is specialized in procurement engineering of major infrastructures of national industrial sectors. Here’s more:

TIV Energy Co., as an experienced EPC contractor active in Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical sector, has an extensive collaboration with well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the field of supplying Structural Materials, Piping materials, Drilling items and Facilities, and various kinds of Actuated Valves. Having long-term cooperation with reputable manufacturers, TIV Energy Co. is capable of supplying materials and equipment with the highest quality from European, Korean, and Chinese manufacturers which are listed in the AVLs of major clients.

Moreover, relying on a professional procurement engineering  team and a broad range of banking facilities, TIV Energy Co. is a trusted party to serve the clients with Project Procurement Services in the form of EOR contracts.

TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company as a leading company in various industries including oil, gas, petrochemical, utility (water, electricity, steam and catalyst), power plant, industrial, mining and chemical has implemented many design and construction projects since 20 years ago.