Tiv Energy Co. Major projects in terms of scope

Air Separation Unit Major Projects


National Iranian Cupper Industries Company


Oxygen Plant of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex

Design, purchase, construction and installation of a new oxygen plant with a capacity of 350 tons per day (about 16,000 normal cubic meters per hour) Industrial oxygen with a purity of at least 95% in Sarcheshmeh copper complex


Rafsanjan, kerman, Iran

Arvand Petrochemical Co

Air-Separation Unit (ASU)

Engineering, procurement and supply of materials and equipment and all operations of construction, installation and pre-commissioning of devices and installation of pipes and cables of two ASU units in Arvand Petrochemical Complex

Bandar Imam, Khuzestan, Iran


TIV Energy Engineering and Construction Company as a leading company in various industries including oil, gas, petrochemical, utility (water, electricity, steam and catalyst), power plant, industrial, mining and chemical has implemented many design and construction projects since 20 years ago.